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Come join us for a textured and curly hair, Watch Me Do My Hair group class. This is a hands-on, basic 'teach me how" class where we will discuss moisture retention and tips on detangling care, learning a two-strand twisting hair technique, and product knowledge. 


The main goal of the class is to gain understanding about your hair. You will have the opportunity to do your own hair and when you get stuck or have questions about what you're doing, you'll have your very own Curl Specialists and Owner of JessBeautiful Salon, Jessica Smith to assist you in that moment.

If you would like to bring someone with you to practice these techniques on their hair instead of your own, each person will need to purchase a separate ticket. It is preferred to have your hair pre-washed and damp coming to class to benefit from the hands-on portion of class. 

The class will include water spray bottles, personal mirrors, hair clips, detangling brushes, and sample products for use during the class. You'll receive take home Goodie bags and light refreshments will be served. 

So, get ready, bring your questions, pen and paper and your hair prepped and ready to learn!


Contact me for any questions related to class

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Watch Me Do My Hair --
One on One Class

Coming Soon!

Need to go deeper than a 30 minute Texture talk with me? 

This is a one on one for those who have questions and need answers, Choosing the right products for your curls can be overwhelming and especially when you're struggling with your wash day routine and need some great product recommendations, I'm here to help!


Watch Me Do My Hair-

Coming soon! 

Need help choosing the right styling products or do you need help on how to achieve certain styles that are right for your texture, density, and health of hair? From two-strand twists, flat twists, rod sets, and wash n go's!

I'm here to help!

This is a small group setting 1-5 people partial hands on/discussion class.


Watch Me Do My Hair- 
Group Class

Coming Soon!


This is a hands-on teaching class, where the focus will be on detangling care, learning a two-strand twisting hair technique, and product knowledge and healthy tips that you will be able to do on your own hair or you can bring a model with you to practice your skills on.

*Each person will need to purchase a separate ticket  

Group class of at least 25 people

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