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Here you'll find the most recent updated JessBeautiful newsletter, if you wish to get these sent directly to you to stay up to date on any updates please visit my booking site, or use the link above to create a profile including your email address and you'll soon start receiving them as I release them. 

Scroll down below to read the most recent information.


Hello all my JessBeautiful Clients!


My goodness how time is flying by! Summer is right around the corner and before it gets here, I want to make sure I get some important information out there for booking your appointments.


First to begin, as always, I want to share my appreciation for each and every one of you who has booked with me for your hair needs or for referring someone to me. Thank you and I appreciate you all so much for always entrusting me with your crowns of beautiful hair, I love getting to catch up with everyone, talking and sharing laughs and getting to see your smiling faces!


Okay, so let's get to it!


As some or most of you know I have a daughter who has always been active in sports, the time has come where I will need to share some more of my time to get her to and from practices and to her track meets. This means that if you are booking an appointment with me beginning the week of May 20th until July 18th Wednesday or Thursday after 5 pm. I will need to run and drop her off at practice at that time and later to pick her up.  I will need to pick up during that appointment time slot as well. You can still book an appointment but please know and be mindful that I may be running late getting back sometimes and will need to step out to pick her up. I will do my best to always stay in communication with you if you do book for 5pm or later on those days.


My daughter's track meets are not completely set in stone just yet, but for the ones I do know about they are on Saturdays. I will try not to block off double Saturdays in a row, as best as I can. I know that is one of my busiest days to work and I understand for some of you it is your day off and works the best for your schedules. If it is possible to get in on another day during the week or a different Saturday, please book ahead and secure your appointment now or as soon as you know your summer schedules. If anything should come up or change, I will contact you personally to discuss possibly moving your appointment around or fitting you in on another day or time.


Next up,

If you haven't heard I will be offering a basic teach me how hands-on class called, "Watch Me Do My Hair". The class was originally scheduled for May but of course May is a busy time for most and so with that I will be moving the class to sometime in September and October to give everyone an opportunity to join the class who would like to. Keep checking on my website for more information and updates.


And lastly,

During the months of June and July I will be having a Summer Splash Sale on retail products highlighting products from Amika's moisture rich HydroRush line and Malibu C Hardwater shampoo and conditioner, and the Un Doo Goo clarifying shampoo. You can choose from bundle bags that will include the MalibuC Un Do Goo clarifying shampoo, either Amika HydroRush or Hard Water shampoo and conditioner, and deep conditioner or shop individual items. There will also be a chance to enter into the Summer Splash raffle and a chance to win a prize basket of goodies! Raffle tickets will go on sale starting Saturday, June 1st and the drawing will happen on Saturday, July 27th. Tickets are $1 each or buy 5 for $5 to boost your chances to win!


Again, thank you, thank you so much for being flexible and working with me during the summer months if you have questions about anything don't hesitate to reach out to me by text is the best way to get a hold of me.




See you soon!!


Jessica-- JessBeautiful




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jess sign.jpg

Hello my JessBeautiful Clients!


I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Holiday time and Happy 2024 New Year!!


As always, I first want to express my appreciation to you all, Thank you so much for a wonderful year!

Thank you for trusting me with your hair and for the laughs and smiles you brought me each and every time I saw you! Ya'll are the BESTEST!!

My prayer for this year is for us all to have a prosperous and blessed New Year in 2024.


So, let's get into this, as I shared in my last newsletter changes were coming...


I will be adding a few changes to my policy and pricing for this coming year so please be mindful of the changes, I will try to work with everyone as best as I can while adjusting to the changes that will go into full affect beginning 9 Jan 2024. For those of you that may have already booked an appointment or need to reschedule you will be doing so at the new rate of the service and policy changes will apply. If you would like to change your service let me know by contacting me directly at 719-217-0086 (text me please or call)


I will be adding a complementary warming and massage area to your shampoo experience and will also be adding a Package to choose from called, JessBeautiful Lux Experience which will include, a full shampoo wash and conditioning, detox cleansing, scalp care with head massage, Red Infared growth stimulation, steam treatment with protein and moisture balancing deep treatments, a cut, and style. This service will be available for clients with Curls, for adding to a Two Strand Twists style, wanting a Silk Press, and Loc clients wanting a nice relaxing shampoo wash experience!


Also, in the coming year clients will be required to pay a 30 % deposit on all color services to cover cost of products and also to secure your appointment slot, as I do most of my color services on Saturdays and sometimes during the week that does take up a good amount of time and I want to be sure clients are going to show up for. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE BUT WILL GO TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL PAYMENT OF YOUR SERVICE. Appointments for color will have 30 days to reschedule if needed using the same deposit. If it should happen that you need to reschedule again you may only do so by paying another deposit for another 30-day timeframe. Cancellations for all color services must be made at least 1 week prior to your appointment, if you no call/ no show you will be charged 100% of the service using the card saved on file. If you do not follow policy, you will be banned from booking a color service with me in the future THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Clients will be provided a link to secure your appointment and pay your deposit the day of your consultation. AN IN-PERSON CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED in order to book for a color service, this applies to all new and established clients.


Cancellation Policy will be updated as well. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24-- 48 hours prior to your appointment so that someone else may be able to get in for an appointment and to avoid a late cancellation fee charge. Clients with a no call/ no show will be charged in full 100% of the service. If you need to cancel and reschedule on the same day as your appointment, that is the same as a late cancellation and you will be charged 50 % of the total service before your appointment will be rescheduled. All fees will be charged using the card saved on file under the clients account through StyleSeat or I may send you a direct link by Square app to take care of the fees requested. This includes illness, weather, and travel related cancellations.


All appointments must be booked online through StyleSeat. I will no longer be booking appointments for clients, established and new if an account is not already set up. All clients will need to have an account already set up with Styleseat and a current Pre-Authorized card saved on file, even if you plan to pay with cash or a different card that day. If you do not have an account set up, I will direct you to my booking site to do so first before completing scheduling. I will still book appointments, but I need to ensure that all my clients are reading and agreeing to the policies and procedures set in place prior to booking. By booking your appointment you are agreeing to all policies and procedures. I am always here to answer any questions or clear up any miscommunications you may have. Please be sure to go into my booking site to check out all the new changes.


For clients wanting to get a last-minute squeeze in appointment there will now be a $40 added fee to do so. Clients will need to pay that fee upon booking or speaking with me directly to arrange for payment. Clients who book to squeeze in must be on time. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late without communicating with me prior to your appointment, it will be cancelled. This is an added fee it is not to be combined with your total service and fee is



Just to go over a few other things and wrap up... I have my JessBeautiful hair oil and Refreshing spray, with aloe vera, rose water, and peppermint which is great for moisturizing locs and your protective styles like braids or twists. I have my online store that is up and running if you haven't checked it out already, please do! You can purchase some of my most favorite brands and products right from your phone at your own convenience! The best part about it is that it will ship directly to you!


My goal for this coming year is to provide more hands-on learning opportunities for clients and hair stylists that are interested. So, stay tuned for more details about that within the year! I would also like to up the experience level while getting your hair serviced, with full relaxation! I will also be adding a service for those who wear wig units. If you need a unit customed cut or shaped for you, this service is definitely for you! Bring your unit with you and anything you may need to secure it down with and you'll finally be able to enjoy your custom cut wig unit (this is not an install only cutting). If you normally wear a wig unit and you don't feel like you've been taking the best care of your hair underneath that wig, there's a service for you too that I can assist you with! You can book for a braid prep or straight back twists service, and I will be happy to give you tips on achieving healthier hair. Also, I will be adding a Golden rate for my senior clients 65 years and older, of 20% off ONLY on Wednesdays! If you need to adjust your appointments to now come on Wednesdays, please contact me so that I can help you with scheduling. My number 719-217-0086 (text me please or call)


I know that was a lot of information and I plan on trying to get a copy to post to read in the salon just encase this newsletter doesn't find you ;)



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again and again!


I always appreciate each and every one of you and I look forward to what this year has to bring and can't wait to see you all soon!



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